Where did you come from, beautiful stranger?

New to this land we call home.

We were not expecting you though I had been praying for someone like you to come along.

Autumn told me the story of how you both met. 

Her voice sounded different. My heart had to check. Could you be the one that God set apart? 

To walk out life, loving our daughter with all your heart?

I wrestled, I doubted. Others questioned and frowned. But how we grew to love you the more, you came around.

What sparked my heart is your love for Jesus. You seemed genuine and sincere. 

So I went before our father God with long moments of deep prayer. 

Asking if I should beware of the beautiful stranger? That had seemed to blow in from who knows where?

And then you did it.

 You asked for her hand in marriage early, to our surprise.

Slow down, beautiful stranger. I had to question why?

And this was your reply.

She is beautiful, yes, but the thing I’m drawn to best is when I hear her pray. It’s like she talks to God in a different way. She really knows he’s listening, almost childlike. And somehow, I feel Him in our midst.

She’s smart, and I know she is the one God has for me. To walk the rest of this journey, my friend, my partner, my wife.

It amazes me at times when you least expect it. God shows up, and everything changes.

And here we are, the both of you, now husband and wife. 

One of my favorite quotes from Sacred marriage is

” What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?

I know God will use both of you to help shape and mold you to be more like Jesus.

I pray you are strengthened daily by the power of the Holy One.

Lead your bride as God intended.

Love her as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.

Be patient with her as God has been with you.

Wash her with the water of The Word. 

I want you to know that you are loved. 

You are no longer a beautiful stranger but a son

Sent from God above.

We love you, Travis.

Jamie (Mom)

October 12, 2022