A Girl Without A Voice

A girl with no voice

My throat is tightening as I write.

My heart overwhelmed by the truth that lies before me every day.

Across the world, women of all ages experience sexual abuse.
Physical, emotional and mental abuse is displayed by the hand of humans that stand in the form of parents, grandparents, husbands, leaders and churchgoers.

In our culture, we have been trained to sit while turning our faces away from the innocent, because we care too much about how it will look if we step in and fight for someone else’s life, someone without a voice.

I have talked to women young and old, hearing the stories of their lives, and I am angry.

They come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures, yet together their stories weave a thread of silent wounds.

Looking into their eyes, I can identify with their unspoken pain, because I too was that girl.

The girl without a voice. Continue reading

Conquering Fear And Living In Freedom


Fear has a way of stealing our joy, crushing our dreams, and causing our heart to be discouraged.

If you know me, then you know I often struggle with fear.

It has stopped me many times from moving forward and enjoying life.

It’s been my prayer over the years, to live in victory and weaken the grip of the enemy concerning these anxieties.

I could feel freedom on the horizon, beckoning me to soar. Continue reading

Mothers And Daughters


mothers and daughters

I sat across from my daughters at the Jive coffee-house.

We’ve  been spending our Monday evenings there for the past few weeks.

The brick walls and wooden floor carry a bit of old charm.

The overstuffed chairs are inviting.

Like young school girls, we stand at the counter sniffing the tightly wrapped tea bags wondering which flavor fits our mood. Continue reading

IS Something Missing ?


I long to be in the presence of God.

I desire to have a conversation that flows from my lips to God’s heart.

Don’t you?

There have been times when I struggled to find the words to pray. Not because I didn’t have the words, but simply because I could not quiet my thoughts. Continue reading


Love covers

Married life as been an experience for sure.

In five days Tony and I will humbly celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary.

After all these years I can still see us, face to face young and innocent. Setting into motion a covenant before God and each other.

” Till death do us part. ” Continue reading


Hide and Seek

She took my hand as we quietly ran down the short hall, she giggled as we entered the closet, crouching down to hide as best we could between the clothes that were hanging.

She placed her hand over her lips, all I could see were her big green eyes.

To be found was the best part of the game. Continue reading