A New Season


It has been a beautiful Summer, filled with mini road trips, concerts in the park, and an occasional excursion to the lake.

Fall is here, and the beautiful Aspen trees splash the mountain side with its golden glow.

It was hard to get out of bed this morning, the chill in the air set the temperature gauge at 33 degrees, Burr.

I drew open the blinds and there it was, a blanket of snow on Pikes Peak already.

As much as I don’t like change, I do love watching the seasons slowly merge. Continue reading

Healing A Broken Spirit



For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing on some weighty issues.

Sometimes part of healing is about finding your voice, believing God will come for you in your darkest moments. As well as trusting God to turn the evil that has happened to you, into good.

Healing can seem scary to some people. The thought of bringing up the past can feel paralyzing. You might be concerned about bringing things to the light; the heaviness can feel like a dam ready to burst.

Some of the key components of healing begin with understanding. Continue reading

A Tainted View


A Tainted View

Her words were sincere as she encouraged me to trust our heavenly father to bring healing to my broken heart.

I nodded as the tears slowly found their way to the ground.

I wanted to believe that Jesus could heal me.

The truth was, I didn’t trust him.

Although I would never tell a soul of my wavering thoughts. God knew just what was in my heart. Continue reading

Come Out Of The Darkness



I sat across the room from twenty-seven beautiful ladies.

They were all different in culture, personality, and lifestyles. However, we all shared a deep pain.

The agony of betrayal.

If you are reading this and have felt the devastation that betrayal brings, then you know what I mean.

The meaning of betrayal is an act of deliberate disloyalty.

To betray is to mislead or deceive someone/ to destroy someone’s trust. Betrayal can also mean that someone gives away secret information to an enemy.

For us, betrayal changed the course of our lives. Continue reading

Do You Want To Be Healed?


Last week I posted an article called,

“A Girl Without A Voice.”

It was tough to write because it touched the scars of my deepest wounds.

Although there has been much healing, I can still identify with the pain of my past when conversations come up.

Many years ago during a counseling session, I was asked this question,

“Jamie, do you want to be healed?” Continue reading