Treasures In The Truth


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When you read the bible, do you read it just to check off the box on your to-do-list?

Do you read it because as a christian you are supposed to? Is this a struggle for you?

Do you make an attempt to read and find your eyes fixed on the same words as your mind drifts to the thoughts of things you want or need to do today?

I’m asking because that was me.

Let me encourage you with what I have learned that helped the words of truth ignite my heart and set my soul on fire. Continue reading “Treasures In The Truth”

All Who Are Thirsty

come all who are thirsty

She was tired of being alone most of the time. All the other women judged her and rejected her. It was in the heat of the day that she would once again step out onto the dirt road and take that lonely walk to the well. Covering her face, her head hung down. Only her weary eyes were to be seen as she counted her steps to the well.

As she approached the well, a stranger kindly asked her for a drink. Startled by his voice she looked up and realized he was not from around her town and it was against the rules for him to talk to her.

With uncertainty in her voice she softly spoke.”You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman, why are you asking me for a drink?”

I love this story taken from John 4:1-29

Here was a woman down cast and forgotten and deep in her sin. Continue reading “All Who Are Thirsty”

Am I Enough For You?

love him enough2

Within my soul his voice like a gentle thread weaving in and out of my little girl heart,

he engraved these words long ago:

“Am I enough for you?”

“Yes, Jesus of course you are enough for me.”

Many years had passed. I was a young bride of just a few years. Laying next to me a brand

new baby girl. I found myself caught up in the middle of this new life I loved so much when his

voice came again.


“Lord you know you mean everything to me.” Continue reading “Am I Enough For You?”

Watchful Waiting

Watchful waiting

In the waiting, in the stillness, I have awakened.

The struggle and wrestling for ten long months kept me confined and focused on what is true.

I was aware that it would take audacious faith. I questioned myself, “Do I have that kind of faith?”

I remember We sat by the river’s edge many days and nights wondering, praying, Lord how would we ever cross the raging waters. The lodging was hard and uncomfortable. The first four months were cold and wet.

I still feel the chill in my bones even though Summertime has come and will soon be gone.

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Home Is Where I Find Myself

home is

It’s a pinkish-gray morning as the sun peaks over the sea. Seagulls spread their wings in flight over the ocean. I stand tall on a mountain of sand with my toes snuggling the grains. I take a deep breath of salty air, “Home,” I breathe out. It’s been a long while since I’ve been in my childhood land. The chilly water beckons me to play. So in I go as a little girl fully grown. I run into the waves, how they embrace me like a long-lost friend. I swim out, reaching my arms as far as I can, I grab the open water in my hands. My feet kick and move me forward in a graceful dance. I feel alive! Continue reading “Home Is Where I Find Myself”