A Closer Look


examine yoursleves

When I spend time with God, I often feel Him nudge me to write something I am passionate about.

Other times I feel him press my heart to write a story or an experience of mine, in hopes of encouraging someone.

There are times when I know He is asking me to write something that has convicted my heart deeply.

It’s in those times I can feel myself struggle because it’s personal and I am left vulnerable.

My heart, my thoughts, and my failures are penned for all to see.

There is no place to hide, once I push “publish” it’s out there and I must trust that God will have his way with the words that bare my soul. Continue reading “A Closer Look”

The Door Was Locked


“Then the kingdom of heaven will be comparable to ten virgins, who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.” Matthew 25:1

I love this Parable and I encourage all of you to open your bible and carefully read through the whole story. verse 1-13

Five of the virgins were wise and had their lamps filled with oil and had taken extra in case they had to wait far into the night for the bridegroom to come. Continue reading “The Door Was Locked”

Treasures In The Truth


2013-08-17 16.23.24

When you read the bible, do you read it just to check off the box on your to-do-list?

Do you read it because as a christian you are supposed to? Is this a struggle for you?

Do you make an attempt to read and find your eyes fixed on the same words as your mind drifts to the thoughts of things you want or need to do today?

I’m asking because that was me.

Let me encourage you with what I have learned that helped the words of truth ignite my heart and set my soul on fire. Continue reading “Treasures In The Truth”