Conquering Fear And Living In Freedom


Fear has a way of stealing our joy, crushing our dreams, and causing our heart to be discouraged.

If you know me, then you know I often struggle with fear.

It has stopped me many times from moving forward and enjoying life.

It’s been my prayer over the years, to live in victory and weaken the grip of the enemy concerning these anxieties.

I could feel freedom on the horizon, beckoning me to soar. Continue reading “Conquering Fear And Living In Freedom”

His Grace Is Enough

photo by hannah

I was three thousand miles away when I heard my mom’s voice on the other end of the cell phone. Her voice was sad and shaky.

“Hey It’s me.”

“Hi mom, you okay?” I asked.

“Well no, I have to tell you that I went to the doctor’s for this awful cold I ‘ve had for a few months. It’s not good.” Her voice got quiet and low. “It’s cancer.”

Here words were shocking.

“What? What do you mean cancer?” My voice shot back in disbelief. “Why? How?” She continued to talk details which became background noise, as my emotions took over and I started to cry. I took the phone away from my ear, my husband took the rest of the call. “Mom, it’s me. She’ll call you back.” They continued to talk, he seemed to always have a sweet way of listening to her. Continue reading “His Grace Is Enough”

Set Free

save set free

I am standing on the edge of this life.

I’ve been hit so many times.

I have fallen and gotten back up.

Weary and tired I stand once again.

I’m on the edge looking out. I must take this step  to move beyond this place or I’ll die here.

I’m afraid to give up the past.

I’m petrified with the thought of tomorrow without it.

I have held on to my past for so long. It has become my security, my constant.

I have invested so much, to let go would be a great loss.

My mind battles with lies and truth.

My heart wants to surrender but I refuse to let it because what if… What if I let go of my past…then who am I? Where will go? Who will I become? Who will take the blame?

I struggled. Continue reading “Set Free”