Got Prayer?

the lords prayer


What’s it like when you pray?

Is it easy for you to have a conversation with God?

Do the words flow from your lips to heavens doors?

Some people find it hard to talk to God.

I learned how to pray by watching my great-grandmother.

As some of you know I grew up in Hawaii.

When I was a little girl, I would frequently see my great-grandmother sitting under a mango tree whispering long conversations to herself.

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He Is Our Hope

his glorious hope

The snow fell for the third day in a row. And by now I was ready for some sunshine. According to the Colorado Climate Center, we embrace 300 days of sunshine. Maybe I am getting a little spoiled here with the blue skies and sunny days, no matter what season we’re in.

Today, I felt the gloom and needed just a ray of sunlight to warm up the living room, as well as my heart. I gazed outside and watched the snow make it’s way to the ground. It amazes me how the snow lays a blanket of white so beautifully across the land as far as my eyes can see.

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