What’s It Look Like From Where You’re Standing?

This past summer my family and I took a road trip to Utah, Moab to be exact.

We drove through the Rockie mountains before the sun came up.

I was wide awake and excited to see God’s beauty displayed in the morning light.

Even in the dark my heart grew with anticipation.

The girls settled in the back seat hoping to get more sleep while Tony and I talked about the journey up ahead.

A couple of hours had passed quickly when suddenly, I caught a glimpse of the dawn rising. Continue reading “What’s It Look Like From Where You’re Standing?”

It Is Well

through it all

Can you stop long enough to see that God has carried you through every season of your life?

No matter how tough things were, he was there leading you with his grace and mercy.

I can tell you stories of times when my eyes could not see how I was going to make it, but when I fixed my thoughts on God there was a peace that went beyond my understanding.

I want to see how things are going to work out, I want to be sure of the next step before I take it.

But God requires me to have faith. To trust him for what I cannot see and that’s when I grow. Continue reading “It Is Well”

Your Legacy Lives On

this old house

I am convinced that if this old house could speak, it would tell you things I may have forgotten.

Life has passed by so fast, I find myself reminiscing the stories that took place a life-time ago.

I can remember the creek at the top of the stairs case and the lace curtains that blew in the wind. The wallpaper I swore I would change every time the year came to an end, yet the faded paper still clings to the wall like an old friend.
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Some Times You Have To Make A Choice


zoeys world

The Clock is ticking louder than usual. I’ve walked in and out of the kitchen several times aimlessly in search of… I can’t remember. The to-do list seems to be getting longer, the black pen gripped between my teeth is a sure sign of the kind of day I am about to embark on.

For the tenth time I’ve yelled, and it’s only 7:23 am. My thoughts are racing to all the thing I have yet to get done. If it weren’t for slow-moving humans, I’d be half way through my list. The knock at the door caused my shoulders to tense up. It was my sweet neighbor Mrs. Clark informing me that our golden retriever Toby, got out again and was proudly prancing around our neighborhood greeting anyone she could find with wet kisses. Continue reading “Some Times You Have To Make A Choice”

You Do Not Go Unnoticed

a story woth telling

Life at this moment is simple and good.

It wasn’t always this way. It’s been tough climbing out of the pit. Looking back at life, seeing the hurt and struggles caused by others, adding on wrong thinking and things that I had done on my own, made my life even more complicated than it had already been.

How I wish I could tell you the story of a life that was filled with good things, great parents, joy, and peace. The Sunday picnics after church, learning to drive a grandfather’s tractor. Jumping on bales of hay in the big, red barn. Oh how sweet it would have been to make homemade apple pies with a godly grandmother who sang to me. My eyes well up with tears at the thought of such goodness. Continue reading “You Do Not Go Unnoticed”

If You Dare


step out in faith

If you dare, would you step away from yourself, and your thoughts today?

Would you shut off your cell phone, iPad, and computer and invite someone in?

In a world that seems bent on self-made proclamations, selfies, and self-help, we may have lost the deep meaning of connecting.

I miss my friends and family back home. I miss coffee talks and walks on the beach. I miss face time with the girls I call                           “God friends” and I absolutely miss getting letters in the mail. I get junk mail, bills and mail that does not have my name on it. At times I find myself yearning for a letter from a kindred spirit friend.

Today I shall write to them.

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