It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any content on this blog that I love.

My intentions nearing Christmas were to finish up the end of the year and take a short break for a few weeks.

I’m embarrassed to say that my last post was December 25, 2016, making that ten months since I’ve written here.


The word Intention means an idea or plan of what you are going to do. (Collins English dictionary)

Well, I obviously did not have a plan. I was merely taking a break and telling myself I’d get back to writing soon.

Does that ever happen to you? Continue reading “Intentions”

Live Your Life With Intention Today

my words


I woke up before the sun, my intention, to see it rise.

The dog followed like a loyal companion as we made our way to the ocean’s door.

The stretch of sand held no footprints as the ebb and flow of the tide washed the white sandy beach, making it pristine and inviting.

In the distance the silhouette of a man fishing captured my attention. He too must want something, to be awake this early. Continue reading “Live Your Life With Intention Today”

For A Moment

You made me God

I miss them, the people  I call family.

I miss looking into their eyes at the end of the day and hearing their stories of life.

I miss holding the hand of the one I call husband and friend.

I miss the babies who call me “Nonna” and greet me with hugs and kisses. I miss sleepovers and storytime.

I miss the way my own house smells like life and love all mixed together. Continue reading “For A Moment”

Make Room For Jesus

Point Loma

So has the first week of the new year been good for you?

Have you written out your goals?

Have you made some adjustments to getting your health back?

Maybe you’ve started exercising to get in shape again?

What about your spiritual life?

Have you made room for Jesus this year?

It’s funny how we start the new year off with high hopes and then within a few weeks we start to slide off the imaginary wall we climbed while making our list of goals and our once thought out resolutions. Continue reading “Make Room For Jesus”

Running On Empty

finding rest

Life has been busy lately.

Busy with good things, important things, and things that draw me closer to pray.

Busy is what happens when life decides to allow everything to happen almost at the same time causing you to juggle and stretch, wishing for more day than there is time for.

My thoughts spread thin like glue on paper attempting to make the collage of life hold still, as I try to organize the to-do list in order of importance.

Where is the silence, the noiseless space, the tranquility I long for? Continue reading “Running On Empty”

What’s It Look Like From Where You’re Standing?

This past summer my family and I took a road trip to Utah, Moab to be exact.

We drove through the Rockie mountains before the sun came up.

I was wide awake and excited to see God’s beauty displayed in the morning light.

Even in the dark my heart grew with anticipation.

The girls settled in the back seat hoping to get more sleep while Tony and I talked about the journey up ahead.

A couple of hours had passed quickly when suddenly, I caught a glimpse of the dawn rising. Continue reading “What’s It Look Like From Where You’re Standing?”