Mercy In The Middle

 he will find you

She stood in the middle of the room. The things she had been carrying around her whole life were now scattered on the floor in front of her. The weight had become too heavy to bear. Life had been hard and painful  but somehow she found herself getting up and moving on day after day.
Letting go of these things made her body feel lighter, but the weight of her heart pulled her down to the cold floor as she tried to make sense of everything
“How did I get here?” the words echoed in her thoughts.
She had been struggling with her belief in God.
She reached into the ruins to find the memories of her childhood. The smell of her innocence lost, lingered. The bruises no longer stained purple on her legs and arms but still her heart ached.
Under the rubble laid  the girl she had been hiding, lost in her shame, not wanting to be found. The lies fell heavy like rain, the clouds encompassing  her like a blanket; unable to see through the fog she had been living in.
Where are you God?
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The Invitation

The invitation was sent to me. I thought it must have been some kind of mistake. As I re-read the formal letter my name so beautifully engraved confirmed it was sent to the right place.

You have been carefully chosen to attend the masquerade ball. Requirements to attend the ball are as followed. Please carefully select a full costume with a facial mask that hides your identity. Come ready to enjoy your evening. At the stroke of midnight, you will be asked to reveal who you really are. All masks will be taken off and the real you will be announced.

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