Healing A Broken Spirit



For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing on some weighty issues.

Sometimes part of healing is about finding your voice, believing God will come for you in your darkest moments. As well as trusting God to turn the evil that has happened to you, into good.

Healing can seem scary to some people. The thought of bringing up the past can feel paralyzing. You might be concerned about bringing things to the light; the heaviness can feel like a dam ready to burst.

Some of the key components of healing begin with understanding. Continue reading “Healing A Broken Spirit”

Come Out Of The Darkness



I sat across the room from twenty-seven beautiful ladies.

They were all different in culture, personality, and lifestyles. However, we all shared a deep pain.

The agony of betrayal.

If you are reading this and have felt the devastation that betrayal brings, then you know what I mean.

The meaning of betrayal is an act of deliberate disloyalty.

To betray is to mislead or deceive someone/ to destroy someone’s trust. Betrayal can also mean that someone gives away secret information to an enemy.

For us, betrayal changed the course of our lives. Continue reading “Come Out Of The Darkness”

A Girl Without A Voice

A girl with no voice

My throat is tightening as I write.

My heart overwhelmed by the truth that lies before me every day.

Across the world, women of all ages experience sexual abuse.
Physical, emotional and mental abuse is displayed by the hand of humans that stand in the form of parents, grandparents, husbands, leaders and churchgoers.

In our culture, we have been trained to sit while turning our faces away from the innocent, because we care too much about how it will look if we step in and fight for someone else’s life, someone without a voice.

I have talked to women young and old, hearing the stories of their lives, and I am angry.

They come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures, yet together their stories weave a thread of silent wounds.

Looking into their eyes, I can identify with their unspoken pain, because I too was that girl.

The girl without a voice. Continue reading “A Girl Without A Voice”

There Is A Healer


There is a healer

Her wounds were deep, her sadness, even deeper.

She often wondered if maybe someday the ache in her heart would stop.

Her loneliness was often felt even in a room filled with friends and family.

Day after day she had a choice to make and it did not come easy.

The familiar thing was to repeat the negative thoughts over and over in her head and stay in that place of sadness and pain.

It was all she had known, in some sort of way it was the easy thing to do.

Do you blame her? Continue reading “There Is A Healer”

Do You Really Believe?

In every human being, there is a story or two that could be told of deep heartache. A similar thread woven in and out of our hearts.

There are accounts of betrayal, slander, and abandonment. These daggers pierce the hearts of their victims, taking them captive.

If I asked you, would you be brave enough to tell me your story?

When all that you hold dear is stripped away from your life, do you still believe in the goodness of God? Continue reading “Do You Really Believe?”

Close Enough To Hear

longing for more


The rain falls heavily on my window today. The house is quiet once again. Deep in my heart there is an ache.

Does your heart ache?

I don’t mean the ache of a lost relationship or the ache of broken promises.

I’m aching for something more.

I wish to be sitting in front of you. I really mean that. I imagined you my reader, are my friend. I long to know you and to see deep into your heart to the place you rarely let anyone in. Continue reading “Close Enough To Hear”