What’s It Look Like From Where You’re Standing?

This past summer my family and I took a road trip to Utah, Moab to be exact.

We drove through the Rockie mountains before the sun came up.

I was wide awake and excited to see God’s beauty displayed in the morning light.

Even in the dark my heart grew with anticipation.

The girls settled in the back seat hoping to get more sleep while Tony and I talked about the journey up ahead.

A couple of hours had passed quickly when suddenly, I caught a glimpse of the dawn rising. Continue reading

So What’s The Condition Of Your Heart?

fear grips the heart

Is your heart fully open?

Are the burdens in your life causing you to shut the door of your heart, holding on to the doorknob in hopes no one will try to get in?

Can I tell you, I’ve been there.

So afraid of being hurt again, tired of the intruders, and sceptical of the “nice people.”

There was a time in my life where I locked myself in and shut everyone out including God.

He was the very one who had everything I needed to be set free.

Continue reading

A Letter From A Grateful Heart

Dear Lord Jesus,

Where do I begin?

How do I type the words that express how much I love you?

I Love you from deep within my soul.

Sometimes I miss you, not because you are not there but simply because I let the business of my life get in the way.

Forgive me.

The day I met you still rings fresh in my memory.  I was just a little girl when I heard the story of how you died for me.  I made my way down the aisle to meet you. I placed  my hand over my heart and invited you in. I still remember hoping you would like my new shoes. Continue reading

Process – Pain – Purpose


The candle flickered in the darkness, casting shadows upon the wall. The vibration of my cell phone startled me. I answered it quietly, “Hello?” Her voice on the other end was welcoming. My sweet Cousin and friend Shentel. I took a deep breath and embrace the sound of her voice.

“Hey, I felt the lord pressing me to call you, I want to read you something the Lord laid on my heart for you.”

As she spoke she began to remind me of this past year and all the lord has taken me through. I followed her words as she captured my journey, it seemed to bring comfort to my weary soul. Continue reading

The Invitation

The invitation was sent to me. I thought it must have been some kind of mistake. As I re-read the formal letter my name so beautifully engraved confirmed it was sent to the right place. You have been carefully chosen … Continue reading