Can you believe there are two days left in 2022?

Are you ready to say goodbye?

What was the best part about this year?

Was it a challenging twelve months?

As I reflect, the year was packed. I was busier than I wanted to be. We visited with our grandkids in Florida and Texas a few times. I took a girls trip, finished a memoir, and our daughter Autumn got married in October.

We never know what a year will hold or the events that will take place, good or bad. One thing I enjoy doing before the year ends is reflecting on the matters of my heart. Sometimes we turn the page of time and think nothing about the condition of our souls and take the burdens of yesteryear into tomorrow.

I encourage you to grab a journal, a notebook, or a piece of paper and jot down some things. Maybe you’ve had a fantastic year and things in your heart look good. That’s awesome. Write a letter ending your year with a grateful heart.

The year may have been tough for you. Perhaps you’ve held on to old wounds. Maybe you’re still angry over something that happened several months ago. Unforgiveness and bitter feelings can weigh us down. Sometimes we are more concerned about losing a few pounds than taking off the weight that holds us captive emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It is not easy to let go, but it is worth it and God will help you.

This year, the things that were tough for me were managing time and things. It was as though life was speeding by, and I couldn’t catch up. It was frustrating that important things were replaced with urgent ones. My to-do list never seemed to get done, even though I was spent.

I found myself resentful and giving no grace to myself or anyone else.

Lord, please forgive me.

I want to enter 2023 with a clean slate, clear conscience, and a burden-free heart. Don’t you? Let go of the things that were not fair. Forgive the passive-aggressive people that you allowed to take you for a ride. Reach out to your sister or brother. Don’t waste any more time being upset. Get on your knees. Repent. Forgive. Let go.

And invite Jesus into the places that hurt. He can help you fix it.

I pray that you enter 2023 with a pure heart and clean hands.

Let God work deep inside your heart and walk in freedom.

Forgive and let go.

Counting down to 2023,




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