The Stillness Of Summer

The days are getting shorter. I felt it yesterday. I’m sad to see the Summer slowly drifting away.

I would eagerly welcome the sunrise each day, sipping coffee on the deck and reading through the Psalms of God’s faithfulness.

The air is cooler, and time is of the essence as the stillness of Summer slips away.

My heart is whole. Memories are sure to warm my soul.

We spent the evenings capturing fireflies in jars, while listening as crickets loudly sang.

We stayed up late, staring at the night, hoping to make a wish on a star.

Swimming and slides, parks, and long drives are all part of the stillness of Summer.

Goodbye to long days and the warm breeze that sways.

Toodeloo hummingbirds, Sparrows, and bluejays, you’ve all been such a delight.

Long walks in the moonlight—late nights by the fire, are whispers of the stillness of Summer.

Farewell, Summer sun, your rays were like hugs that warmed me as I sat to be still.

One last kiss as the sun slowly sets for tomorrow, a new season will be.


@ September 2022

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