After A While

Summer is swiftly coming to an end.
I have enjoyed all the warmth the weather brings, and I’m always sad to see it go.
But I welcome the more relaxed days as we drift into the fall.
Seasons are good for me. I grew up on an island where the weather was always consistent. Most days felt the same, and fall and winter changed slightly with rain and temperatures somewhat cooler than before.
Colorado has some defining moments, and Autumn is one of them. Nearing September, the leaves will begin to change. It feels like an all-of-a-sudden moment when you look up, and the hues are more beautiful than yesterday.
Winter works the same. It seems gradual. The days end close to 4:30 P.M, temperatures fall in the mid-’30s at night, and eventually, you wake up to several inches of snow, and voila, it’s winter.
Seasons help me accept change. It has taught me to prepare and plan.
I know it might be silly to analyze life and the changing seasons. But for me, it’s a real thing.
I took a sabbatical from blogging for many reasons, and it was for a season.
I’ve missed it and especially connecting with you. Thank you for being a good friend.
I hope to encourage you in the storying telling of life, love, and what I’ve gleaned from God’s word.
I love praying, and I will be praying for you. Enjoy the photos and share your heart with me any time you like.

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