A Heart Of Compassion


On the eighth day of Christmas my Savior offered me a heart to see the world the way he does.

He is never in a rush, like I am.

He never judges like I do.

He has a heart of compassion that is so in love with you.

He never grows weary or tired, nor does he push you away.

He always has time to listen to whatever you’ve got to say.

He is gentle and kind and loving, I want to be more like him. But if you catch me on a bad day you are sure to see my sins.

His forgiveness is always available when you turn your heart toward him.

His grace and mercy covers, his blood ransomed you from sin.

As we draw near to the word of God and obey what he says, our hearts begin to change the way we respond to life today.

Lord give me your heart of compassion to repay evil with good.

Give me your eyes to see people the way you would.

Give me ears to hear the cries of the lost in search of you.

Help me to be an example of what Jesus would do.

You came to earth, were born to die with hope to give eternal life.

Help me to speak your truth in love, sending hope that transcends from heaven above.

That I might be a shining light that shouts your love on the darkest night.

You are Hope and Light, you are freedom and love.

You restore life, You make all things new.

I give you my heart would you do what you must do, so that I have a heart of compassion just like you.

He is our Hope and He loves you.

Praying for you today,











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