A Captivated Heart



On the third day of Christmas God captivated my heart.

How I wish you were there.

I climbed the tallest mountain today, carefully stepping as I ascended straight up to the heavens.

The grooves in the mountain looked as if God’s finger had effortlessly slid down the massive peak carving through the magnificent rock, that would someday catch the rain creating the most beautiful waterfalls.

My heart was captivated by such beauty. The clouds were all around me as I reached the summit. The cool air fell softly on my skin like fresh breath.

I leaned way back and with a shout from deep inside of me, my voice echoed through the canyon below “YOU ARE GLORIOUS!”

He did it again, as far as my eyes could see his beauty and glory showed in every direction.

The lover of my soul captivated my heart again, like no one else could.

The creator God spoke the world into existence and then carefully made you and me in His own image.

That blows my mind!

I dare you to slow down for a moment.

Leave the gifts and wrap them later, step outside even if it’s snowing.

Would you let the snow flakes kiss your face as though God was kissing you?

I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, but there is something magnificent that happens when the snow falls.

I often sit in front of my window with a hot cup of coffee and watch the snow flakes make their way to the ground.

I love the way the soft white blankets the earth covering its flaws.

A reminder of the blood of Jesus covering my sins and making me white as snow.

Sometimes I look at the world around me and point out the things that God Himself created. The flowers whose petals look up at the creator. the leaves on the trees that happily applaud in praise when the wind blows because their master is at work.

The boundaries of the sea, the limits of its domain. Who controls that? Who controls how many times a day we blink and breathe? Who tells our hearts when to summon the  next beat? These things that keep us alive are in another’s hands yet we still choose to live as if this life is composed of our own choices, our hard work, our wealth, our accomplishments. We can lose sight of who gave us our career, who provided for our family, who kept us in good health for all these years. Some answers to this could be: our bosses, ourselves, and our doctors.

When I take not just a step back, but 100 steps back from my life in the eyes of ME… I’m able to see how little I can actually control, I can’t make the sun rise, I can’t tell the seasons when to change or the vines to produce fruit. I can’t tell the water where to stop, I can’t soften a person’s heart or bring healing to the broken. I can’t heal the sick and I definitely have a hard time with having grace for others and forgiving them without a proper waiting period (whenever I feel like forgiving them).

This creator God has not ceased his power and gloriousness since day one of creation.

God made everything so that He would be glorified through it. Even when He made us there was and is a purpose that is so easily forgotten.

God gave us freedom to choose Him who first loved us, but how exactly is that a choice when the opposite of that is a life separated from Him because of our own selfishness and independence.

But I guess it really isn’t independence when God still provides us with what we need to survive like a beating heart, breathing lungs and blinking eyes until the day we die.

What I’m really trying to say is that even though we may see God’s beauty in a few ways when we admire his work outside, there is so much more that can captivate us when we see that He rules over everything and when we start to understand that then we are  able to see Him glorified in every aspect of our lives.

May you be captivated by the little reminders, that The Creator is working in your life at this very moment.

We are praying for you today,







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