The Ransomed Heart


On the Second day of Christmas My Savior gave to me, a scarlet ribbon to wrap around my heart.

Your life is a story.

Everyday you awake to write it in great details.

It’s a legacy woven together by minutes, hours, days, months and years.

Someday, someone will tell of your adventures.

It may be silently to themselves or a story they will tell to their children’s children.

I hope the part of your story that is often told is the one where Jesus ransomed your heart.

I remember it well as I recall the day He stepped into my brokenness and spoke words of truth to me.

He called me by name and offered to bring me out of slavery into a life of freedom.

He sent the Savior in the form of a baby.

Raised Him up to be a man who would pay the price for my sins.

The price for my freedom costed him his life.

Today I hold near my heart the scarlet ribbon as a reminder that I was bought with a price.

This life we live is not our own. We were bought at a price, so why do we continue on this life long endeavor to satisfy ourselves through: wealth, status, comfort, and pleasure?

You may be saying to yourself  “Well I’m not living a greedy life so therefore this doesn’t apply to me.”

I’ve had a friend ask me why they would still suffer in the end if they always did the right thing but just didn’t believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Sometimes we justify ourselves and our actions because of our circumstances when the only thing that really matters in this life is glorifying God through those circumstances.

When we have communion at church, it’s a designated time to remember our Savior and His sacrifice for us. In fact He even tells us to remember this in the Bible when he takes the bread and breaks it.

Even though we take the time to remember the cost of our sins in church once a month, it should captivate every second that we breathe. We’ve become so numb to the truth that this man Jesus (Yashua) was beaten and killed for the little white lie I tell now and again, for the hurtful words I speak when I’m angry, for the pity party I throw when I allow the devil to spew his lies at me and I believe them.

Yet through all of this, the scarlet ribbon covers me. I am redeemed through another’s blood. How can I now justify my sin? I can’t… the only thing left for me to do is repent…then rest in His grace and Mercy.

How can we not be transformed, how can we not be convicted to change when we remember the cost of our Lord. The truth can only come clearly to us when we are willing to take that step into a life transformed by God.

Praying for you today,






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