Mothers And Daughters


mothers and daughters

I sat across from my daughters at the Jive coffee-house.

We’ve  been spending our Monday evenings there for the past few weeks.

The brick walls and wooden floor carry a bit of old charm.

The overstuffed chairs are inviting.

Like young school girls, we stand at the counter sniffing the tightly wrapped tea bags wondering which flavor fits our mood.

We nestle down on the cozy chairs near the big window that overlooks the park.

The oak trees tower over the garden as though they were guards keeping watch.

The sun has already descended behind the mountains, but the sky holds its light as long as it can.

There’s an ache in my heart as I realize in a few short years things will look different from where I sit.

But for tonight a quiet contentment blankets us in the cool of the evening.

The world speaks of disagreements and hostility daughters have toward their mothers and mothers toward their daughters.

It’s as though our culture frowns on the close bond between these two, welcoming conflict as a way of life.

If you have been blessed to have a daughter then in you lies the gift to love her,  encourage her, and listen to her heart, not just her words.

You have the God-given ability to cultivate a legacy that goes beyond what the world says.

If you are a daughter remember that once there was a little girl who grew up and became your mother, give her grace and do not despise her.

For it was God who gave her to you.

No matter what your story God makes all things new.

Allow His grace to encompass you both and through him weave a legacy that shows the next  generation of women, it is good to draw near to God and to each other.

Embrace your daughter today and let her know you love her, you are proud of her and you are for her.

Praying for you today,



Inspired by all my girls- Summer, Autumn, Hannah-Ray and My daughter-in-law Angelica and my grand babies Zoey and Isabella.  I love you all, thanks for teaching me what it means to be a mother, a mother-in- law and a Grandmother. I am blessed to have all of you in my life.







2 thoughts on “Mothers And Daughters

  1. adailydoseofhisgrace

    I love how you mother, grandmother and mother in law!!! I’ve learned so much from you just watching how you cultivate your relationships. I’m blessed to call you friend!!!!


  2. shentelromias47

    You are a wonderful and Bless momma,as well as Summer Jacob,Autumn and Hannah are truly bless to have you in their life as one who have been obedient to God direction. I love you and thank you for mentoring me through my life. I love you and I’m bless too.
    Choke and huge hugs


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