Simply living

life is short

Another year has gone, and I’m sitting here thinking.

I never thought I’d be the age I am.

Life is more behind me than in front.

Time is slowing down perhaps soon heaven will call for me.

The journey has been rough, yet my heart refuses to complain because my days were full of God’s redeeming grace.

I remember that young girl, beautiful yet broken. God came to redeem the years the enemy had stolen.

The lessons of life I learned, only because I was living.

Aging yes, but I’ll never stop learning.

My mind has slowed down, but my heart keeps yearning.

Teachable and open to change, is what kept my life moving.

Finding forgiveness through the pain gave me the freedom to keep on loving.

No longer young, but wisdom lives here.

Weathered skin, gray hair blowing, my eyes have lost its shine.

But if you sit near me for awhile I’ll bare the stories of my life.

For in this existences, there are no guarantees of pain-free living for you or me.

You may experience the pain of unthinkable kind, which will leave you breathless, wishing to die.

Perhaps betrayal has come knocking at your door, with rage you run to take revenge but feel no better than before.

Hold on tight my dear friend, God’s mercy is near.

The sorrows of this life can bind you with regret, but calling on The Savior whose blood paid for your debt, is the only way to come alive and live this life with rest.

For every step you take, you leave behind a trail, to tell the story of your life and if you lived it well.

Rely on God and not yourself is the key to being here.

Forgiveness and grace, his peace for the race will guide your steps as you walk.

Set your eyes firmly on Him, trusting all that He is, until heaven for you, comes to call.

Colossians 1:10 ” So as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.

Life is short, live it well.

I’m praying for you today,









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