Love covers

Married life as been an experience for sure.

In five days Tony and I will humbly celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary.

After all these years I can still see us, face to face young and innocent. Setting into motion a covenant before God and each other.

” Till death do us part. “

Butterflies swirling in my tummy, my nerves sending messages to my brain to breathe.

Where has time gone?

In this life, we had managed to do a lot of damage, not on purpose but out of our own hurts.

We have loved each other deeply yet wounded even deeper.

We have birth four incredible kids giving them the best life we knew, but not without bruising their hearts.

Life has a way of waking us out of our slumber.

I retrace our steps and see the broken young girl, the unfinished man trying and I know we can’t go back.

Along the way we’ve lost our virtue and spent our energy carving a life we were ill equipt for.

Looking to celebrate comes with the truth at hand.

There is a Hope that lies within us and not merely for the people we are.

We give honor to God because he took his hand of mercy and began to weave a tapestry of grace where there was none.

He took our human frailties and showed us the true meaning of forgiveness.

He captured our hearts and taught us how to love beyond our efforts.

Thirty-one years in the light of eternity is but a scratch in time.

Married life God’s way is worth celebrating.

The days are far from perfect, but my heart is at peace.

Neither of us knows what tomorrow holds, but we stand confident that our God holds us both in the palm of His hands.

Married life, I can’t help but sigh.

Little did I know it was teaching me to be more like Jesus.

still growing.

Praying for you today,









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