He gripped his life vest tightly.

I tried for twenty minutes to convince him that it was going to be okay and that I would be here to catch him in the end.

Back and forth we talked, and I could clearly see I was not going to win.

Fear has the power to paralyze us when we let it.

I hated seeing my five-year-old grandson seized by his thoughts and unable to have fun.

I swam back and forth in front of him, making up a tune I began to sing out loud with conviction

Psalm 56:3 ” When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

glancing over at him now and then, I saw his lips moving; I slowed down to hear him say ” Jesus I don’t want to be afraid.”  He stood up and said, ” Nonna, I’m not going to be scared anymore because Jesus is going to help me.”

I could not contain my emotions, ” Yes Eli Jesus is going to help you!” I shouted.

He ran to the edge of the pool grabbed a hold of his nose and jumped in.

I was shocked and excited at the same time. He bounced back to the top of the water and with pride shouted, ” Nonna I did it, and I wasn’t afraid.”

He hung on to my back as we stroked through the clear blue water I explained to him where fear comes from and that he has a choice to make every time he feels scared.

Many times in my life fear has had a hold on my thinking to the point that I became paralyzed and unable to do the things I wanted or even the things I knew God was calling me to do.

The word of God and prayer is the most powerful tools we can use in our lives to silence the voice of the enemy.

Trust me it will change the way you think and help you to live in freedom.

To fear is a choice.

Do I allow the enemy to put a noose around my neck, or choose to trust in the Sovereignty of God and that He has me in his care?

Be wise in the choices you make, live a life with godly wisdom and learn to focus on truth as you walk in liberty in Jesus name.

Here are a few verses to tuck in your heart if you indeed battle with fear.

Psalm 118:6,7 – 1 Peter 3:14 – Mark 5:36 – Psalm 34:4 – Isaiah 43:1

Joshua 1:9 – John 4:18 – Timothy 1:7 – Isaiah 35:4

Live fearless in Jesus name.

Praying for you,









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