For A Moment

You made me God

I miss them, the people  I call family.

I miss looking into their eyes at the end of the day and hearing their stories of life.

I miss holding the hand of the one I call husband and friend.

I miss the babies who call me “Nonna” and greet me with hugs and kisses. I miss sleepovers and storytime.

I miss the way my own house smells like life and love all mixed together.

But I will pause for a moment  and  refresh  myself.

I will swim in the sea and drink deep of this life where I sit beneath  the stars and the moon and pray till my voice reaches  heaven.

I will embrace the morning as the sun rises over the ocean,  I will sing to the one who loves me and knows me.

I will walk on the beach leaving  footprints in the sand, a reminder that I was here but just for a moment.

My soul has been recharged, my spirit has come alive.

I have learned to love myself and embrace who God made me to be.

I have abandoned my fears and took bold steps.

I have brought my unforgivness to the cross.

When I return I will have much more to give the people I love.

I realize that life is but a moment and in this moment I choose to embrace all that God has for me.

make your moment count.

Praying for you,







5 thoughts on “For A Moment

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  2. “make your moment count” ~ love that, Jamie. Hope you’re refreshed and diving back into CO life. Love you and miss you.


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