The Question At Hand


Life is full of up’s and downs.

Hardship seems to stand at every corner, just waiting to barge in.

An already stressful day sometimes gets hit with the unexpected.

The choices we make from one moment to the next sometimes goes without thought, and if we are not careful, it can change the course of tomorrow.

I look at the world we live in, the roles we are all called to play and I wonder, where  does your devotion lay?

Is it in the arms of a partner, a lover, or a spouse.

Perhaps in the day-to-day lives of your children?

Maybe your devotion has a penthouse view and your income gives you very little to worry about.

Devotion is a noun meaning: loyalty, faithfulness, constancy, commitment, and dedication.

A word of such deep meaning seems to be misplaced in the lives of us humans.

The ebb and flow of commitment, changes like the tide and so our lives take on new meaning and our devotion changes with time.

Where does your devotion lie?

Is there a hunger in your heart to be truly devoted?

Where time and decisions change not your commitment.

I often ask myself these truths:

Am I truly devoted when it comes to God?

Is my life living proof?

You can say with your lips what you want and where you’ll serve, but when it comes to your heart it brings forth other words:

Self Centered, prideful, arrogant and rude. The list of my heart when unchecked can be cruel.

The days are drawing nearer to the coming of our king, whose passion was displayed in his suffering.

For He was truly devoted and it was to you and I. He didn’t just say it, his devotion cost him his life.

You see, when he made the choice to obey his father by dying on a cross, though rejected by the people he loved, he didn’t once change his mind or heart.

So the next time you’re faced with the question at hand where does your devotion stand?

Make it count and make it true that you are devoted to The King of Kings and Lord of Lords and let your life be the proof.

A call to be devoted to Him.

Praying for you,




6 thoughts on “The Question At Hand

  1. Awesome way to start and kick this weekend.
    Mahalo Ke Akua! ! And thank you for your words that will be opening the eyes and hearts to our devotion. Our time spent in God’s Word.
    God’s Blessings,


  2. Such a good question, Jamie, to help me keep my heart in check. Without intentionally pursuing God, I can drift through even good things. I can read my Bible just to get through it or answer study questions without much effort. But to be devoted means I pursue Him even when the feelings aren’t there, bending my knees when I would prefer the comfort of my chair. Thank you, friend. : )


    • Crystal, God is so good especially in the way he loves us. I love how he reminds us what’s important and gives us the Holy spirit to empower us to be sold out to him and for him. love doing life with you my friend.
      hugs and prayers jamie


  3. Thanks Jamie, we r bonded by our pain, thanks for sharing what God puts on your heart. My father died weds and I was so blessed to b with him as he took his last breath.. he was an amazing man of God, full of Gods love and grace. I too have been asking what is important, where is my devotion, how can I possibly be even a little bit like my father who served the Lord with his life…I pray to have that devotion too. The kind that makes a difference..Joy


    • Joy, I am sorry for your loss. How beautiful that he is with God and you will indeed see him again. I love that you had a beautiful example of Jesus in your life wrapped up in a father. Praying you are filled with peace as you journey on in your life and how awesome when God nudges us to put our focus on him, the one who truly matters.
      sending you prayers and hugs!Jamie


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