Do You Really Believe?

In every human being, there is a story or two that could be told of deep heartache. A similar thread woven in and out of our hearts.

There are accounts of betrayal, slander, and abandonment. These daggers pierce the hearts of their victims, taking them captive.

If I asked you, would you be brave enough to tell me your story?

When all that you hold dear is stripped away from your life, do you still believe in the goodness of God?

Do you believe you are enough and that he will come for you, turning your adversity into blessings?

Isn’t this the battle we all face?

From the rising of the sun till it dips below the horizon, the argument remains: will he really cause it ALL to work out for my good?

This is the question that springs from the tip of every tongue that has cried out, why?

A woman finds herself alone because the man who promised to love her forever, changed his mind and found someone new.

The child that is abused in the dark and made to keep secrets can never imagine a life of good things?

Maybe you’ve lost your children in a custody battle. Perhaps you waited with anticipation for God to show up, only to hear that the verdict was not in your favor.

Maybe you’ve hit rock bottom and you feel defeated and giving up seems like the only solution.

From divorce, to death, and every tragic scene in between, I’ll ask you again.

Do you believe that the God who created the heavens and the earth is on your side?

Do you believe he will walk with you through the darkness and cover you with His peace?

This is a matter of the heart.

A deep soul-searching quest: Do you believe above everything, God is who he says he is?

If we are wrapped up in legalism, fear, or self-reliance, it’s easy to lend an ear to the voice of the enemy who says, you must have done something wrong to be in this place of such grief.

The fight of faith is the struggle here.

It calls us all to stand in the place where the truth of our heart is exposed and our unbelief comes out with its fists pointed at the heavens.

Hebrews 13 tells us that God will never fail you, nor abandon you. Verse 6 tells us that we can say with confidence: “The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”

In our self-centered mind, it’s easy to list what humans can do to hurt us; we see it everyday.

But that’s just it, when we look at life and our circumstances through our own eyes, it is then that we are defeated.

The truth is, we must live by faith.

The kind of faith that believes, God loved you enough to give up everything long before you would come to know him.

So when we face the unthinkable, the best thing we can do is grab hold of what is true.

Before you walk through anything, God has walked it before you and has everything you need to make it through till the end.

You might think that the major hurdles in your life are the things you must get through today.

But the real struggle is how do we keep on believing in a God we can’t see when tragedy happens.

The word of God is the tool you must use daily to be able to withstand the unknown up ahead.

Self reliance is a dangerous place to be when you go through hardship.

You must nourish yourself daily using the word of God to build his strength in you.

You must use prayer as the weapon to defeat the voice of the enemy from lying to you.

You must Link hearts with other believers who will be your support when the battle is raging.

You cannot face life alone in the corner of your room with tears streaming down your face, crying out your disbelief and expect to move to a place of peace.

You need the power and presence of The Almighty God.

When you don’t know how to pray or what to pray for,                                                             use Psalm 86.

King David cries out with a desperate need for God to hear him and act on his behalf. He continues with praise flowing from his lips and he ends his prayer by asking God to  strengthen him, give him favor, and help to comfort him.

It’s what we all need when disbelief shows up in our lives.

May The Almighty God shine his truth on you today. May He strengthen you and give you Faith to keep stepping into all that He has for you no matter what you are facing.

Praying for you today,










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