Make Room For Jesus

Point Loma

So has the first week of the new year been good for you?

Have you written out your goals?

Have you made some adjustments to getting your health back?

Maybe you’ve started exercising to get in shape again?

What about your spiritual life?

Have you made room for Jesus this year?

It’s funny how we start the new year off with high hopes and then within a few weeks we start to slide off the imaginary wall we climbed while making our list of goals and our once thought out resolutions.

I know a lot of people who set out to read through the bible in one year, what a great quest.

Churches  give away bookmarks and have online programs that help you try to achieve your journey through the bible in one year.

So if that is part of your desire this year, I’m standing on the sidelines cheering you on.

You can do it!

For me I did it a few times in my life and never did it again. It was hard and grueling to be truthful.

There were some parts of the bible where I might have dozed off.

You know when it starts to lay out the genealogy from Adam and down the line. So and so begot so and so and so on. By the time I got down to the end of the line I had no idea who was connected to whom.

Okay maybe it’s just me and some of you are masters at keeping your brain organized and in order. Well on my journey to reading Genesis to Revelation I got lost so many times, I couldn’t really tell you who wrote what book or how everything worked out.

I felt like a failure and wished I were smarter, brighter, and better at reading.

But God, in his gentle loving  way comforted my heart and encouraged me to get to know him in a deeper way one verse at a time.

When I say one verse at a time, that’s what I really mean.

I have spent the past few years digging deeper into the word of God. Okay so it’s been 2 years and I’m not even half the way through, but can I tell you I have gotten to know God in a deeper way.

It was hard at first to stay on one verse till I got it, but here’s how it worked for me.

I would take any book of the bible I was interested in and I would start there. I would first get a background on the characters, what events were taking place and where the story was laid out.

I would read through the first chapter and then take the first verse and find truths in it. At first you see the obvious things like in Genesis 1:1 ” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

But slow down and go deeper.

“In the beginning”

There was a beginning to all of this.

I mean did you ever think about that, there was nothing but God, and he began something a long time ago where he thought about you. From the beginning.

You didn’t just pop into his thoughts one day and he said gee maybe I will make so and so. He planned it, he desired it, and he wanted you to be a huge part of the story.

So don’t take your bible reading for granted, if you’re like me and reading through the bible in one year puts a lump in your throat and a dazed look on your face it’s okay don’t beat yourself up.

Just start off slow.

Pray and invite the Holy Spirit to come and be your teacher he will take the blinders off and uncover his truths for you.

Tools you’ll want; Bible,( obviously)- notebook and pen to write the amazing truths you find.

Take the road less traveled.

Get to know paul a man who had an encounter with God that changed his life forever. Talk about a radical transformation!

Do you know there is murder, passion, and betrayal in the bible.

The story of a teenage kid who kills a giant that everyone was afraid of.

My favorite, the love story of a girl named Ruth.

And what about Song of Solomon? Talk about adding some spice to your love life. Poetry written on the virtues of  love between a husband and wife. Laying out marriage the way God designed it.

I could go on and on.

My prayer for you is no matter what you do in 2016, grow deeper in the Lord, fall more in love with Jesus and become alive with the truth of the gospel.

Don’t keep taking everyone else’s opinion of the bible as your truth, let God himself give you His truth.

Praying for you to grow deeper.

Preserving the gospel,




4 thoughts on “Make Room For Jesus

  1. Awesome Blog this week. It is absolutely so true with these one year bible reading for me too. I’m and have been so serious with meditating on God’s word. Getting my bible to come alive in me. Inductive bible study does this and my bonus is I get to go through and study it with the most amazing women ever YOU. I thank God for studying the book of Galatians, the bible is truly coming alive as we take one verse at a time. I’m blessed beyond words that you are a Paul in my life, as Paul was with Barnabas. Mahalo Ke Akua … Mahalo for continuing to flowing in and through us as we dig deeper into all you have for us. We Love and give all Honor to You Lord Amen.


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