the gift

Sometimes looking back is difficult with a past paved with pain.

But I have hope when I think about the things that Jesus did to set me free.

I recall it was a few days before Christmas, The house was decorated with lights and bows and the stockings were hung just as it goes.

My children were sound asleep as I carefully and quietly placed their gifts under the old Christmas tree.

There is not much for them to be concerned about, their hearts were free to rest and play.

I sat in the chair near the window and watched the snow fall softly .

Remembering life long ago. How I made it through it all? No pleasant holiday feeling can I recall.

My thoughts turn toward the story of the night that Jesus was born, it was the hope to set us free. That happened two thousand years ago, but he came for you and me.

The little baby in a manger, the star, the shepherds, and the wisemen who arrived, are more than just a story we tell, it was the gift of that silent night.

We tend to get caught up with the way of the world and Christmas is more like a fairytale.

We quickly pass him by and feast our eyes on the gifts, the goods, the parties, and the guests who’ll arrive.

But what if this Christmas you would slow down.

Sit for a while and remember the night the baby was found.

He wasn’t just a baby, but a king with a mighty name.

I stood up from my chair and sat near the tree, the smell of the pine and the lights captured me.

For it was on a tree that he had died, To save a sinner such as I.

My past he covered, my present he guides, my future belongs to him.

For if he had not been born, then lost is what I’d be.

I would be chained to my past with no way to be set free.

The question to ponder on this day is, does he have your heart?

Or is this season just a  tradition where you play your part.

After all the gifts have been opened and life resumes as best.

Will your heart be filled with joy, your mind at peace and rest?

The Christmas story is for you, don’t let it pass you by.

Would you ask Jesus to come and be your savior just as he is mine?

The star, the baby born in a manger will never be to you a stranger.

He will come into your life with hope of eternity, wash away your sins and truly set you free.

Christmas is about the hope that Jesus brings.

He is the gift.

He is the light

He is our everything.

Praying Blessings over you this Christmas,














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