Chasing Quiet

the road less

The snow fell softly against my bedroom window.

The majestic Pike’s Peak was lost in the clouds that descended from the heavens.

I wondered if I place my ear against the window would I hear the drumming of  snowflakes against the glass.

I am learning to love the snow.

The smell of cedar burning in the fireplace fills the air.

Children catching snowflakes.

The view from where I am writing is a winter wonderland.

Why does the earth seem quieter after the snow falls?

It’s as though the snow covers the flaws of the land making it more beautiful.

The falling snow reminds my heart that God’s grace covers me.

My sin runs deep and still he chooses to blanket me with his love.

It’s in his presences that I am overwhelmed by his goodness.

A place of deep repentance follows.

There is no place greater.

Turning off the unnecessary sounds of life is hard to do.

At his feet I find my rest.

Are you running on empty?

Are you exhausted?

Are you mindlessly crossing off your to-do-list hoping to rest at the end?

Life is difficult.

It doesn’t matter how much I wish for life to slow down, It doesn’t!

It doesn’t matter if I get everything done, there always seems to be one more thing to do.

I have to be aware of my attitude, the people around me and the words coming out of my mouth when I am rushing through my day, otherwise I wound the ones I love.

I am learning to bring myself before the Lord even in the middle of my chaos.

Taking a deep breath and being quiet before the lord brings his peace.

A whispered prayer.

An “I’m sorry,” grips the troubled heart and causes you to stop in your tracks and make a U-turn.

Like the sun trying to peek through the thick clouds, a repentant soul connects to the heart of the one that has been wounded and both find peace and rest in forgiveness.

In this season of your life take the road less traveled.

make a note-to-self, to bring God’s peace no matter where you go.

And remember when you’re chasing quiet, you just might find it.

Rest in His goodness.

Praying for you,













2 thoughts on “Chasing Quiet

  1. Chasing quiet – love the picture these two simple words create., Jamie. And finding it? Love that even more. It’s much needed. He is much needed. xo


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