Attitude Of Gratitude

give thanks

Give thanks.

Psalm 9:1- “I will give thanks to you, Lord with all my heart ; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.”

In our world that is fueled by chaos, sometimes it’s difficult to see the good and give thanks.

It’s so easy to set our eyes on the negative and begin our climb to the top of the pity party hill and let out our cries of how life is not fair.

But what happens when we step back, change our perspective, and begin to speak out what is good and give thanks?

In my own life I have learned to practice gratitude.

I can’t always wait for the happy feelings to be there. Sometimes even in adversity I must begin to remind myself of the good that really is around me.

I have learned that being grateful can change the darkest moments.

When my mother passed away, the pain in my heart went deeper than anything I had ever felt before. I began to thank God for the years of healing he had given to her and I.

He took a broken relationship and mended our hearts together, filling us with forgiveness and hope for our future. The last ten years of her time on this earth was good and there sat my heart of gratitude on that day.

When my marriage was in shambles and all I wanted to do was cry and stay angry. God showed up and began to sprinkle little reminders that he was going to be my hope and strength no matter what things looked like and in that he began to soften my heart and show me the good that came from where I was sitting.

Having a grateful heart helps me take my eyes off of the past to a future filled with hope.

An attitude of gratitude gives me peace in the midst of uncertainty, calms the chaos that whips through my thoughts and brings the level of anxieties way down.

The meaning of the word gratitude is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

My encouragement for you today is to set foot on the path and  practice being grateful.

This next week coming up is thanksgiving and although it might be years of traditions that you could take or leave let’s start today and begin to make a list, either in your mind or on a piece of paper, of the things you really are grateful for.

Here is a little nudge to help get you started.

What are you grateful for?

What’s been the hardest moment of your life and how did you get through it?

Who is the person who has been helpful to you?

Right now wherever you are standing, look around and find the one thing you’re  really glad about.

My list of being Thankful starts with being so incredibly grateful that I am a daughter of the true and living God.

I am  thankful that every week I have the opportunity to express my thoughts and stories to you my reader.

I am most grateful for my family especially our grandbabies Eli and Zoey and our new arrival Isabella Rose.

I am grateful to just be alive and have today to do something good in this world.

Father God,

Thank you for sending Jesus to die so that we could live. Thank you that you never give up on us no matter what. Thank you for this messy life that you make beautiful. Lord would you help us all to look above our circumstance and see that you are our help in times of trouble and that you will help us overcome anything we face in this life. In Jesus name, amen.








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