Return To Your First Love (Marriage Series: week 7)

great love

It was time to put away the fairytale dreams I’d been trying to live, in hopes of my happily ever after.

It was time to suit up like a warrior. It was time to live in truth and step out and defend my faith, my marriage, and my family against the lies of the enemy.

God is the creator of marriage.

He knew what it would take and he gave us the tools to have a Christ centered marriage. But somewhere on this journey we were swept away by the views and values of the world and allowed that to play a part of our thoughts,  and decisions, and in time it birthed consequences of destruction.

When we take our eyes off of Jesus, we set ourselves up to fail for sure. The bible has been an instruction manual for years in the lives of believers. It teaches us how to live out our marriages God’s way. It instructs us on how to raise children. It teaches us about money matters, relationship do’s  and don’ts, and how to fight the good fight. It teaches us the value of forgiveness and grace, truth vs. lies,  wisdom vs. folly, and how Jesus’ death has set us free.

But when the Bible gets put on a shelf,  and we trade God’s  instructions for a sweet and quiet story that makes us feel good, and make excuses for being too tired or busy to spend time with the Lord, no wonder we are defeated.

Tony and I were both believers when we met, so how did we get so far off track to the point of living like the world?

S-I-N!  Selfishness, pride, unforgiveness, bitterness… the list goes on and on.  I think about the years we had gone to church, living an outward life that was supposed to represent Christ, when really we were denying his power to change us.

I feel an urgency in my story, my fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts as I type these words.

My heart cries out for families, marriages, single mothers, wayward fathers, rebellious children.

Return to your first love.

Our time on this earth is temporary and urgent. I regret taking so long to finally see the reality, that God was trying to make me more like him; yet all I did was complain and wrestle against him and his word.

When I opened God’s word and began to meditate on it day and night, it started to change me. I don’t mean I woke up one day and started reading the bible, I had already been doing that.

What I am saying is, I began to ponder God’s word. I studied it. I allowed it to revolve in my mind until it started breaking down strongholds. It began to speak truth to the places in my life where I was held captive by the lies of the enemy.  It began to change my thinking and God began to set me free.

For the first time I was not just acting like I christian with all the outward signs, like going to church and using the Christian lingo.

I began to learn what it meant to really forgive.

How God’s grace works in the lives of his children and why it is critical to be obedient.

I understood what it meant when God called me to submit to my husband and honor him. Something I believed was negotiable in the past.

The depths of what God has taught me when I surrendered my entire life to him, is more than I can share in this story.

I had to take my eyes off of Tony, place God at the center of my life and obey him.

I was made to live in freedom and to have the kind of life God had planned for me.

I can still remember that five-year-old girl who walked down the aisle of the little country church to invite Jesus to come into her heart.

l recall that twelve-year-old girl in my mind, at youth camp surrendering her will, for God’s.

My memory embraces the 20-year-old bride who made a covenant before God to love, cherish, and honor the very one she chose.

Today I sit here half way through my life, with a sense of urgency.

Return to your first love.

When we allow the things of this world to pull us so far off track from what God has for us, we find ourselves struggling and grasping in desperation for a quick fix. Making decisions that bring momentary comfort. Eventually taking the final step into a world you never thought you’d be a part of.

It’s not until you drink deep of God’s word, will you begin to find the true meaning of life and love and how to live it out the way God meant for you to live.

Do you remember the day you met Jesus?

The day you called on him to be your savior?

Can you remember the day you opened his word. The pages of the ancient book thin and frail, yet its powerful words captivated you and caused you to rise up and come away.

Don’t allow the things of this life to stand in the way of all that God has for you.

Don’t live a life that is mediocre.

You were born to live the life God created you for.

Only you can do what God called you to do. But you must be willing to surrender and obey his voice that calls to you. It’s never too late and your circumstances are never too far gone for God to make something beautiful of your life.

Surrendering to His will.

Praying for you,








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