The Beginning (A marriage series)

On The Sea Of His Grace


This is the story of long ago. The love we shared. The great struggles we overcame and the One God that brought us through it all. For the next few weeks On the sea of his grace, invites you into our life as we open up to give you a closer look. This is not for gossip or judgment, nor is it to brag or expose secret sins. Both my husband and I have prayed and agreed to share our journey for the sake of encouragement and praise for all God has done in our lives and in our marriage.

In the weeks to come, if you find that you relate to some of our struggles, our hope is that you realize that God wants to set you free. He is asking you to trust him.  He wants to give you the kind of love and marriage he created you for.  Prayerfully join us and experience God’s redemption in this relationship that was once shattered…

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