You Do Not Go Unnoticed

a story woth telling

Life at this moment is simple and good.

It wasn’t always this way. It’s been tough climbing out of the pit. Looking back at life, seeing the hurt and struggles caused by others, adding on wrong thinking and things that I had done on my own, made my life even more complicated than it had already been.

How I wish I could tell you the story of a life that was filled with good things, great parents, joy, and peace. The Sunday picnics after church, learning to drive a grandfather’s tractor. Jumping on bales of hay in the big, red barn. Oh how sweet it would have been to make homemade apple pies with a godly grandmother who sang to me. My eyes well up with tears at the thought of such goodness.

The scar over my right eyebrow brings me back to reality.

For so many years I struggled deeply with so much dysfunction.

I found myself in a place where I had to learn to tell myself the truth. For the first time I had to face the real impact my past had made on my life. I could no longer pretend everything was going to be okay. It was time to be honest with myself and God.

The stories I had heard in Sunday school were not enough to heal this life. I had to get real and search God’s word for answers to my questions. I learned to apply the word of God to my life. It was a time of learning and understanding the true meaning of forgiveness and why Jesus really did have to come and die for us.

I was awake for the first time. Here I was moving through life, leaving a trail of unquestionable proof that I was here. Messed up?  yes, but here.

I was here to leave a legacy.

I was put here for a reason and a purpose that God planned.

Sometimes when I look back, I feel myself want to shrink away from some of the footprints left. But it’s in that moment of discouragement, I saw the blood of Jesus wash over those imprints. Like the ocean that erases my signature on the sand. So his blood washes away my past and gives me the choice to try again, but with him leading the way.

He reminds me that in him I am made new. What remains is today. How I choose to live it out weaves a tapestry of the legacy I leave for all to see.

Life is full of beautiful possibilities of the amazing things God can do. We are free because of Him.

Some of the simple things these days, are spending time with my grandbabies. Eli is forever holding me to every word.  I choose to be careful what I say. For his eyes and ears don’t miss a thing. Zoey looks at me just waiting for me to make my next move. If I laugh, she smiles, if I walk away, she follows. She places her foot in the imprints of mine. That’s when I realize I want to leave something worth leaving behind.

I want to be a treasure chest filled with priceless pearls of wisdom from searching God’s word. I want to embrace those in my life and teach them that God sees them as gems. Cut out from the very one who created them.

I live to tell the story of Jesus Christ and what he has done for me. It is his life that I followed and in his legacy he has set me free.

Remember your life does not go unnoticed. Live in a way that makes your life story worth telling, even long after you are gone. When the enemy comes to whisper lies of defeat, remind him who you belong to and that it’s God’s footprints you walk in.

Father, We can only live in freedom when we choose to allow you to set us free. Teach us to live as you did when you were here on earth. Your story has been told to all generations. You are the hope in the story we tell. Teach us how to love and have your compassion for those around us. As you sacrificed your life, would you teach us to example that life and to love the one in front of us and see them through your eyes. There is no greater story told than yours. Thank you that you placed us here for a moment. Give us your courage to brave this life fully alive in you. So that in the end of our life, we will leave a story worth telling. The story of how you set us free. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Made Alive Because Of His Legacy.

Praying for you,

~ Jamie





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