If You Dare


step out in faith

If you dare, would you step away from yourself, and your thoughts today?

Would you shut off your cell phone, iPad, and computer and invite someone in?

In a world that seems bent on self-made proclamations, selfies, and self-help, we may have lost the deep meaning of connecting.

I miss my friends and family back home. I miss coffee talks and walks on the beach. I miss face time with the girls I call                           “God friends” and I absolutely miss getting letters in the mail. I get junk mail, bills and mail that does not have my name on it. At times I find myself yearning for a letter from a kindred spirit friend.

Today I shall write to them.

In this world of incredible technology, that I do love and appreciate, somehow we have lost something meaningful and lasting. No matter where we live, we all seem pressed for time and always seem to be running late. Our meals consist of grab and go, fast food, drive thrus, and meals that you can make quicker than pumping gas.

If you dare, would you slow down for a moment and look up?

When was the last time you slowed down long enough to sit on the couch and look into the eyes of your almost grown up child? Dare to hear their heart, instead of jumping to conclusions and correcting before you really see.

If you dare, would you lay in the cool grass with your beloved, the earth beneath you as you count the stars that trace the heavens?

If you dare, would you go for a drive in the country and let the summer breeze blow through your hair. Stop to gather wildflowers that are mistaken for weeds.

If you dare, forgive the one who hurt you and set yourself free. Life is too short to waste by counting old wounds. Allow God’s grace to bring healing.

If you dare, would you gather your belongings and go on an adventure?

The mountains. The sea. The road beneath your feet.

If you dare, run around barefoot and chase butterflies in the wind. If you dare invite a stranger in.

This life is but a vapor here and then gone. James 4:14 says “How do you know what life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog, It’s here a little while, and then it’s gone.”

There must be a list somewhere of things you wished to do? Things that connect you to your friends and your family. When was the last time you laughed? I mean belly-aching laughter, tears running down your face, I can’t breathe kind of laughter? I dare you to laugh out loud, with no concern of what others will think of you or the sounds you make. Laugh till the heavens hear you and when you catch your breath, laugh again.

If you dare, would you stay in bed a little longer and have a meaningful conversation with your God, where you hear him speak to the deepest part of your heart.  Instead of throwing the covers off, jumping out of bed in haste to the morning, only to be greeted by the clock ticking loudly reminding you to get moving. As you jump into the car hoping not to forget anyone or anything, you rush up ahead to be stopped by the red light that has no care rather you are late or not. A fellow driver gives you the horn to remind you to hurry as though you are unaware.

If you dare would you live with intention?

If you dare, would you step out in faith and do the impossible? For the impossible is nothing when God is in it.

Dare we slow down and connect. Dare we capture our life in this moment that we will never get back again.

So the question that swirls in my mind is…

Would you dare to see the little things in life and count them glorious?

Would you dare to step over fear and be courageous?

Would you dare to take the ordinary and claim it to be the greatest?

Would you dare to die to yourself and love the one in front of you?

Would you dare to look foolish for the sake of saving a life?

Because you never know what will be, when you dare to step into all that God has for you.

You never know who you will meet or the journey that will set you free.

Father God,

You have called us all to live fearless lives. Help us to not let ourselves stand in the way of you doing a great and mighty work in us. Give us the courage to do the impossible and to really see the people you place in our path and to love them with your love. May our lives please you God and may we be the kind of people who dare to step out with bold faith to move mountains. Thank you that you give us your spirit to do the impossible. It is only through you that we have victory, Amen.

Dare To Come Alive In Him,

~ Jamie






4 thoughts on “If You Dare

  1. Today I will step out, step out into what God has planned for me on this day. Praying my mind can be free from everything that gets busy and surrounds me, so I am able to enjoy today and all that God’s has created in this day.
    Thank you Jamie for opening the eyes of your heart to truly see Him and all that needs to get out there so people like me can get a awakening and not be discouraged in this fast pace life. God blessings to u and your writing, it’s amazing and you are amazing. I love you. Shentel


    • Shentel,
      I love the way God works and uses all of us to encourage each other along the way. When our eyes are on him, we hear better and see clearer the plans he has for us. Thanks for reading and connecting. I love you and I’m praying for you.


  2. Thanks sis for the reminder. I need to dare to stop rushing and just enjoy the moment even if its a difficult season. Love you lots


    • Eris,
      I hear you. It’s in those difficult seasons I hold on too, 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” He is holding you and with get you through this. Love you.


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