Be Still My Heart


waiting here for you

As I grow a little deeper, the father pulls me in closer.  I press my ear to his heart, waiting to hear him whisper my name.

I have learned this past year, to be still. To chase away all the distractions and to calm my mind that rushes in and out with thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow.

I’ve learned to wait. Wait on the Holy Spirit to come. Waiting for him to reveal his truth to me. Waiting until my thirst is quenched with his love that consumes me.

I won’t stop, I refuse to get up until He has all of me.

You are no stranger to him. Every second of the day he is  thinking about you. He is wanting to embrace you, to talk with you and tell you how much you mean to him.

What’s your greatest struggle?

He will set you free!

what’s your deepest need?

He will meet every need no matter how big!

what’s  consuming you?

Let it be him and him alone!

He will reach you no matter where you are.

He is the great I AM,

He is the Lord God Almighty,

He is your help in times of trouble, your deliverer who will set you free.

His love for you has no end. His grace covers you completely.

He is glorious, Holy, and worthy to be praised.

Call on his name.

He will break every chain and your spirit will come to life.

Take a moment today and sit. Breathe in deep and wait. No need to rush into words just yet. Sit and be still, He is coming for you. And when he does, be ready for him to consume you with his love.

There is no greater love then the one who knows you completely, loves you incredibly and is reaching to hold you right now.

Holy Spirit, would you come and love on us. Awaken us to your promises. Draw us close enough to hear your heart beat. Give us courage to walk to the rhythm of your call in our lives. There is no greater calling, no better life than to sit quietly until We are one with you. Would you come be the passion in our lives, Jesus. In your Holy name, Amen.

His Love Is Alive,

– Jamie


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