Lessons I’ve learned On The Journey Of Motherhood

mom and summer

Thank you God for the privilege of being a mother. You’ve blessed me beyond what I could have ever imagined.

As mothers across the world are celebrated, I want to give thanks as I reflect on the lessons I have learned being called mom.

The four little lives that you entrusted to me are now young adults, even parents of their own, and I am a  grandmother, which I have come to realize is twice the blessing of a mother.

Through God’s grace these four lives taught me that deep in my heart, hidden among my fears and failures was a love deep enough to never give up on them.

The past 26 years of being a mother taught me the meaning of being  patient. When I didn’t feel like waking up and doing the mommy thing one more day, I found tiny fingers touching my face and slobbering kisses on my cheeks. My heart would burst with love and I would be grateful at how blessed I really was and that love would get me through.

Being a Mother has taught me the meaning of being kind. The gentle kindness of a child that loves you and brings you hand-picked flowers after you just yelled at them for running on the freshly shampooed carpet with muddy feet.

Learning to forgive has been an ongoing lesson in my life in general. But learning to forgive when you have labored tirelessly as a mother and you find yourself maneuvering through the rough waters of the teenage years. You are shocked as though your child had been abducted and some stranger had come to take their place. The hurt you feel, the disappointment that follows, the anger you find rising up. The word rebellion takes on a deeper meaning and the bull’s-eye is a permanent mark on your back as your once loving child now resents the very sound of your voice.

I found myself falling to my knee’s asking and seeking  forgiveness on behalf of my failures, my harsh words, my anger that scared them and made them doubt my love.

I would see myself through God’s eyes and the way he had forgiven me time and time again even after I broke his heart.  He whispered to my saddened heart. “The greater the love the less the sacrifice. Forgive them, love them just as I love and forgive you.”

Motherhood has taught me the meaning of surrender. I have put great expectations on my children without thought or consent. I had my dreams, my ideas of which I was sure was best, as they tugged and wrestled and I squeezed tighter. I hurt them and the painful struggle brought a wedge in our relationship. I didn’t realize that the fear of my failures or theirs were gripping my heart and control was my go to.

I saw the pain and hurt I had caused and once again fell to my knees and surrendered them.

When I realized that they belonged to God. I was just to teach them to love Him and love others, not control the outcome of their lives, I began to set them free as well as myself.

I asked for forgiveness and allowed them room to find their way. I learned to trust God even deeper as he was allowing them to write the story of their lives and he assured me that his grace and mercy would cover them just like he did for me. I saw the day God drew the line in the sand and told me I could only come this far and that he would take them the rest of the way. My role now was only to pray for them.

So my journey continues as Mother. The seasons are ever-changing but my heart stands sure of this one thing.

The lessons I have learned along the way have changed me forever. “I am confident of this, that he who began a good work in you (mom) will carry it on to completion until the day when Christ Jesus returns.”- Philippians 1:6

No Matter what season of motherhood you are in, remember God’s got you and most of all he has your kids in the palm of his hand. He wants you to trust Him and surrender them. Sometimes it’s not until we are through the season that we get the lesson. We serve a very faithful God. As Abraham willing offered Isaac by totally trusting God, so we must be willing to surrender our thoughts, our hopes, and our dreams of what we want for our kids, for all that God has for them. Love them, teach them, and pray for them… the rest is up to them and God.

Father, Thank you for the honor and privilege of being a mother. Thank you for being my strength and hope when it was really hard. I pray for every mother today, that they will seek you on behalf of their children and that you will show them the way. It is only in trusting you that we find rest in our heart and peace on this journey we call motherhood. You are all we need, help us to teach this to our children. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

He is our Hope,





6 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve learned On The Journey Of Motherhood

  1. Oh Jamie this was ever so beautiful. It is so real to each of us mothers, meaning we can identify with all you are writing. I played worship music from Bethel in the background as I read this. And I felt the presence of God encourage and touch my heart. Thank you for writing this. I also loved seeing the photo of your mom with Summer. Your mom was beautiful like you. God bless you Jamie as you continue to write. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. On Christ the solid rock I stand, we stand. God is awesome and so loving. May the grace and love of God overflow you and those your words touch. Thank you Jamie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grace, I love all the ways God speaks to us. whenever I write I always wish worship music could be played when someone reads it because I too feel the Holy spirit when I write as worship is flowing. Thank you also for taking the time to read and allow God to something in you. I am blessed.


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