Treasures In The Truth


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When you read the bible, do you read it just to check off the box on your to-do-list?

Do you read it because as a christian you are supposed to? Is this a struggle for you?

Do you make an attempt to read and find your eyes fixed on the same words as your mind drifts to the thoughts of things you want or need to do today?

I’m asking because that was me.

Let me encourage you with what I have learned that helped the words of truth ignite my heart and set my soul on fire.

I’ve learned to sit and calm my thoughts through prayer. I have learned to call on the Holy Spirit to come and make his truth known to me. I’ve asked the lord to help me not just read the written word, but see it and hear it the same way he meant it to be seen and heard. The bible came to life for me and my heart hungered to read it everyday for a dose of His truth for my life.

Sometimes I imagine that the people I am reading about are my friends or neighbors. I imagine what it must have been like to walk side by side with Jesus. Be friends with Paul (after he became a believer of course because he used to kill Christians).

Whatever you need to do to sit at his feet daily, I encourage you to do it and to not let a day go by without the word of God guiding you.

Read a book of the bible. Pick one chapter at a time, then pick one verse that stands out to you and then start digging. Look up the greek and the Hebrew translation. The internet is amazing for this. I use You can even use your dictionary. You’ll be surprised by the true meaning of a word and what You thought the meaning was. You will be captivated by God and what he will show you.


“The Sovereign Lord has given me his words of wisdom so that I know how to

comfort the weary. Morning by morning he wakens me and opens my

understanding to his will.” Isaiah 50:4 (NLT)

“Listen to me, all who hope for deliverance~ all who seek the Lord! Consider the rock from

which you were cut, the quarry from which you were mined.” Isaiah 51: 1 (NLT)


Yahweh, ( my Lord ) has granted me, permitted me, and entrusted me to use His words of wisdom so that I may speak to the faint and weary, to those that are tired and feel like they can’t go on. Every morning when my eyes open, I get to run to His word with eager expectation.

As I sit and wait on Him.

He begins to stir within me a desire to understand His word. I must be attentive, and heed to what he wants to say to me. I want to seek the Lord. I want to have right thinking. I want the words I speak to be Fair and Just. I want to have God’s attributes. I have taken the time and considered Who God is.

His word tells me that I am made in His image. He picked me to be His child and to have a close relationship with Him. He helps me to drink of His word daily so that it may fill my thirsty soul.

He is making me his disciple. As I listen and hear him, I want to obey.

You might read the above verses and wonder how I came to my conclusion of what God was saying to me.

In my time with God, as I meditate on his words, he has shown me what he has for me. He makes it personal and then he calls me to use what He taught me to share it with those he puts in my path.

He is a faithful God and His words are the absolute TRUTH!

Some of the greatest tools of the enemy is to cause us to get lazy, sleepy, or use half-truths when it comes to God’s word. Don’t be deceived. Study the word daily and grow deeper as you draw closer to your God.


I pray that you will cause a thirst and hunger in your children for your word. Help us to go deeper and grow in the knowledge of your truth. Give us courage and strength as you make  us true disciples.

Help us to walk out our journey on this earth proclaiming that you are the true and living God and you will return someday to take your children home.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

His Word is alive,

~ Jamie


6 thoughts on “Treasures In The Truth

  1. I love the truth that speaks through your heart. I am always encouraged by your words so will other women around the world. Blessed is He who looks at you sis doing all along what He intended for you. I love you
    May God continue to bless you in every way.
    Mahalo Ke Akua for you

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  2. It has only been in the last year and a half that I have learned these truths. His Word is alive and it is transforming, and once we allow it to transform us, the hunger for it comes. It becomes less about something we’re supposed to do, and more about something we long to do.
    Great words and great encouragement!

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