Watchful Waiting

Watchful waiting

In the waiting, in the stillness, I have awakened.

The struggle and wrestling for ten long months kept me confined and focused on what is true.

I was aware that it would take audacious faith. I questioned myself, “Do I have that kind of faith?”

I remember We sat by the river’s edge many days and nights wondering, praying, Lord how would we ever cross the raging waters. The lodging was hard and uncomfortable. The first four months were cold and wet.

I still feel the chill in my bones even though Summertime has come and will soon be gone.

There were times I doubted the journey, times I wanted to turn back, but the faithful one would come to me in the cool of the evening and would speak his promises to my heart and encourage me to stay. My heart would be comforted, and in that moment I was able to remember it is He who will get us to the other side. In the Waiting I was made aware of my complete dependence on God. The circumstances before me were great and impossible. I was needing to take my eyes off the raging river and set them on the One who sees.

In the waiting, there was a time to consecrate and renew the second half of the journey.

In the waiting there was a time to prepare myself to follow hard after Him.

In the waiting there was a time to teach my children to trust in the Lord God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

In the waiting I was not simply sitting, waiting to move forward, I was watching God make a way. I was listening for the words he would speak to my heart when I was still enough to hear him.

In the waiting he was healing my brokeness. In the waiting he was embracing my struggle and bidding me to let go. In the waiting I was being stripped of things I no longer needed to carry. I was being renewed, I was coming alive.

Then in a whisper that sounded like thunder, He said, “My daughter look up.” As my eyes gazed upon the water once raging, it was now calm and serene. With a loving nudge he spoke “It’s time to cross.” My heart jumped with joy, my words encouraged the others that God had made a way.

He goes before me and He will always guide me. As I walked through the shallow waters, I reached down to pick up a few river stones and placed them in my pocket, and I tell myself to never forget. In the waiting, God will always make a way.

His mercy is alive,

~ Jamie © 2014

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