Am I Enough For You?

love him enough2

Within my soul his voice like a gentle thread weaving in and out of my little girl heart,

he engraved these words long ago:

“Am I enough for you?”

“Yes, Jesus of course you are enough for me.”

Many years had passed. I was a young bride of just a few years. Laying next to me a brand

new baby girl. I found myself caught up in the middle of this new life I loved so much when his

voice came again.


“Lord you know you mean everything to me.”

The days quickly passed into years. Four little babies dancing around my feet as I strummed my

old guitar, singing those silly songs that made them giggle. His voice echoes through the strings.

Somehow my response got lost in the business. My mind wandered for a moment, promising

myself to reply.

Leaving our family and friends to venture to a new life I found myself walking alone through a

garden, beautiful and lovely. My eye’s beheld all that God created.

His voice came in the cool breeze.


I climb upon the red rocks. My eyes could see for miles the mountain peaks and the tall trees. I

echo my voice strong through the canyon.

“Yes you are enough for me!”

My voice lingered among the aspens as I stood and listened till no echo was left. I felt his

presence near like an old friend.

Our stay was not very long in this new place where the mountains reach the heavens and the

sky always  blue. The call came to inform me that my precious mother had fallen ill. We

packed our goods and went back home to help heal her sickened body, but the disease was too

strong and her body too weak to fight. She fell asleep and woke up in heaven. His voice speaks

to me in the quiet of that hospital room:


The tears too much to hold in, I mutter my overwhelmed heart.

“Yes even still you are enough for me.”

Late one night after my heart mended from that loss I found myself staring out into the dark sky.

The words we spoke. Our vows we broke.  The walls we built and now he was gone and I

alone. Life had taken so many things from me.

Once again his voice came in my darkest night like a ray of light.

His constant heart never changed.


O God of heaven, You have never left me, you have always been my safe place my refuge and

strength. I say the words but my mind wavers. No matter what I was going through you stayed

close by. I want you to be my all and only.

Reflecting on this journey of life, my beautiful children now have children of their own. My hair

woven with threads of gray, my skin once glowed with the kisses of the sun, now pale with folds

of time. I reach my frail hand over my heart and I still remember the words woven long ago and

today it is my deepest cry:

“Abba, you have always been more than ENOUGH FOR ME! No matter what life sent my way,

you were my constant, my truth, my one sure thing. If all I have left is my very breath no more

words will I ever speak, then have your will still in my life, for you have ALWAYS BEEN


Dear friends as you read these words, let this legacy be one that the father speaks to you. You

will find that He is enough for everything and anything you will face this side of heaven. In your

darkest hour look to him. In your saddest moments and in your greatest struggle look to him and

when you take your last breath it is HE who will greet you with arms open wide as you embrace

your one true love.


May the words you’ve written on our hearts never go unnoticed. May we never choose another over

you. May the cry of our hearts be only that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

In your Holy name I pray~ amen.

On The Wings of His Grace,


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