A Series Of Hope ( Praying for our generations)

~praying for our generations

“Nonna!” his words shouted as I walked through the door. “You’re here! You’re my best friend!” I picked him up and hugged him. From the corner of my eye I could see her toddling into the room to see what all the commotion was about. After kissing Eli all over his face, I called out to her. “Hi Zoey, are you coming over her to see Nonna?” Playing hard-to-get, she put her hand over her face and pouted out her bottom lip. I put Eli down and ran over to sweep her up in my arms. Kissing her endlessly till she surrendered and let out a squeal of laughter. I sat on the floor and we began to play.

“Hi Mom,” my daughter projected. “Hi Sum, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ignore you.” She filled me in on her last-minute instructions and headed out for her mommy’s day out.

There I sat between two precious babies that made me feel like a hero just being there. I got on all fours and pretended to be a pony. I chased them around the room, I was the big blue shark in the story we just read. There was joy in my heart when they would squeal with glee at the thought that I’d catch them. We sang, and we danced to the song “Happy” and read more stories. We ate lunch and by then, it was nap time.

Knowing Eli isn’t fond of naps and can put up a heavy protest, I decided to act out the story of Goldie locks and the three bears. I captivated him and Zoey and I drug out the story long enough for both of them to fall asleep. Seriously this is the side of me no one but my grandbabies can see.  I may not win in Hollywood for best actress of the year but I did win the hearts of these babies.

When I was sure both of them had fallen asleep, I plopped myself down exhausted and happy. I scooted in close studied the curve of their faces. Zoey’s little button nose and their perfectly shaped lips. I began to feel overwhelmed. How blessed I am to have the gift of being a grandmother. I realized as a mom I was so busy with life and all that it required of me, part of me began to realize I missed out on some things.

I placed my hand over Zoey’s chest. I could feel here tiny heart beat a peaceful rhythm. Brushing Eli’s hair away from his eyes. I began to pray for them. Father, thank you for these precious gifts you blessed our family with. God make me a pillar of hope in their lives. As they grow help me to be an example to them of your never-ending love for them. Help me to show them how you forgive so they to can forgive. May they grow in faith. Strengthen them, and even though they are still so little, teach them to fight the good fight.

The tears began to flow. Everything in me wanted to pick them up and hold them tight.

And lord, one more thing, will you keep me around as I continue on my knees hoping  and praying for my generations. I give them to you. Amen.

If you are blessed to be a grandmother let me encourage you to stand with the hope of heaven on behalf of your generation and pray for those babies God entrusted you to be a part of their lives.

Father God,

Thank you for the heart of ever mother who may someday become a grandmother. Help us to support our daughters on their journey that is tiring and seeming endless. Help us not to judge or be critical. Help us to encourage and not discourage them. May we spend our time allowing you to flow through us as we pray for our generations.

His Hope Is Alive,

~ Jamie


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